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Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

August 27, 2022

The answer to this question in Valley City is...definitely!

Located in Downtown Valley City, you will find the ARC Thrift-E-Shop. It is operated by the ARC of Barnes County, which is a not for profit organization with a mission to support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Besides monetarily, they also support those with disabilities through employment and actively advocate for their inclusion and participation in the community.

Throughout the year, the Thrift-E-Shop receives countless donations of items such as clothing, shoes, books, movies, accessories, and household items. They make it simple and convenient to donate by having a designated drop off location on the side of their building. Once items are donated, their staff sorts through them and prices each item appropriately and puts them out on the shelves for customers to purchase.

They accept and are happy to receive a large variety of new and used items but would be especially delighted to receive more gently used clothing and shoes for men and children. If you are thinking of donating items, please keep in mind that there are a few things they are unable to accept. There is a list posted at the drop off location at the shop as well as posted to their Facebook page. You can also find the hours they accept donations in those places as well so it's a good idea to check their Facebook page prior to donating. 

If you've been a customer at the shop before, it's likely you've noticed the sign by the stairs for Granny's Closet. Granny's Closet is located in the basement of the shop and offers an enormous selection of unique costumes that are available to rent year round. They are open weekdays from 12:30 - 5:20pm and have numerous costumes from different eras, countries, movies, and pop culture. Be sure to check them out this Halloween or anytime you're in need of a costume!

So next time you are looking to donate items, shop for gently used items at great prices, or are searching for a memorable costume to wow your friends, make the ARC Thrift-E-Shop your next stop!

*Be sure to follow them on Facebook for daily sales, posts about exciting new items, and their current events.