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Why Choose VWA


We are an independent financial firm with a team of advisors that adhere to the fiduciary standard. What does that mean for you? It means that you can be rest assured that we will put your needs and interests first and make suitable recommendations based on your goals, age, and other important factors.

As an independent office, your team of advisors is free to choose a firm that we feel best fits your needs. We have access to a large variety of products from various vendors and the financial planning tools to effectively make a suitable plan, unique to your personal situation and financial goals.



We believe relationships are a two-way street. Sometimes you will contact us first, whether it be a simple question or to inform us about a significant life event you have recently experienced. But at VWA, we feel that it is our job to reach out to you as well. Some of the ways in which we communicate include:

  • Regular Review Meetings
  • Phone Call or Email Check In
  • Market Update Emails
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Invitational Social Events


We want to share our knowledge with you. We strive to explain financial concepts at a level you are comfortable with in order to help you feel confident in your financial future. Whether you want to dive deep into the financial weeds or just simply want to know what a mutual fund is, we are here to help.

As a team, we are always looking to boost our own knowledge and experience as well. We regularly attend financial and business development conferences, do research, participate in educational webinars, and collaborate.


We are continuously looking for ways to ensure that the products we provide are top of the line and that the service you receive is exceptional. Our team of financial professionals consistently collaborates and keeps open lines of communication with one another. This allows us to build off each others strengths, unique backgrounds, and past industry experiences. Additionally, we have frequent communication with other leaders and entities in our industry in order to keep a fresh, new perspective.

We have aligned with LPL Financial as our chosen Broker-Dealer. They are the largest independent broker-dealer in the world and provide us with the tools we need to develop meaningful, long-term client relationships. We have also partnered with Goss Advisors (GWM Advisors, LLC.), a registered investment advisory firm who effectively supports our practice management and business needs.

We maintain open lines of communication with the CPAs, Estate Attorneys, Bank Lenders, and other professionals in your life. For a financial plan to be complete and sustainable it must address issues around income and distribution strategies, tax planning, risk and debt management, as well as estate and legal concerns. Relationships with these professionals are a key part of helping you achieve financial independence.

Community Support

We have strong ties to each of the communities we serve. Our team members participate, volunteer, support, and lead organizations within our various communities. Some of the community groups we are involved in include:

  • VCSU Foundation
  • Valley City Young Professionals Network
  • Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation
  • Valley City Community Gardens
  • VCSU Century Club
  • Summer Nights on Central
  • LaMoure County Farmers Union
  • Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Valley City Town & Country Club Board
  • LaMoure Chamber Retailers
  • Oakes Chamber
  • Valley City Area Chamber Ambassadors
  • Bio Girls
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