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Coffee Shop with a Purpose

Coffee Shop with a Purpose

March 25, 2022

Get to know our first ever Business of the Month: Alley Beans in Valley City

Whether you walk inside Alley Beans or visit through the drive up, you are immediately met with a warm smile and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. You will find owners Carol and Tim and their team working harmoniously to provide you with exceptional coffee and friendly service. Carol is often found conversing with a customer and making sure they feel at home, while Tim can be found in the front of the shop roasting his next batch of coffee beans. Their skilled baristas are available to take your drink order and serve up your coffee with a smile. 

Alley Beans was formed in 2018 from a dream of Carol and Tim's to provide Valley City with delicious coffee and a comfortable space for fellowship and study groups. This dream has become a reality and is made visible in their tagline: Serving God, Serving Coffee, Serving You. Alley Beans has grown to offer an additional space that can be reserved for parties and gatherings and now roasts their own coffee beans as well.

Tim of Alley Beans took on the challenge of roasting to expand their offerings and provide more unique flavors. He starts by choosing from a variety of beans located across the world and then roasts each kind with a precise recipe involving time and temperature to bring out the aroma and flavor of the beans. Different roasts create a very different taste. For instance, a dark roast will be less acidic with a more bitter flavor whereas a light roast coffee will lead to a thinner bodied coffee with a more acidic flavor. 

Next time you are at Alley Beans, take the time to visit with Tim about this interesting and intricate process and if you have yet to experience this coffee shop, I highly encourage you to check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Connect with Alley Beans online by visiting their website or Facebook page!