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Get to Know the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation

Get to Know the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation

March 31, 2023

It is safe to say that most people wish to see the community they live in thrive. However, making that happen is a lot bigger task than simply wishing it. Many people want to support their community through monetary gifts but may not know who needs funds or how to give…and that is where the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation comes in.

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) was established in 2013 to serve the people of Barnes, Griggs, and Ransom counties. At that time, the need for a local Community Foundation had been evident for many years already, but two events made creating a community foundation more urgent than ever. The first was a donor with a connection to Valley City that had very limited choices on where to give, and the second was a $16 million capital campaign project to build a new wellness center (a collaboration between the town of Valley City and its university Valley City State University). Both projects required coordinated efforts of an organization that knew the local community and its needs as well as how to receive and manage donations–thus the SVCF was founded.

Since 2013, the Gaukler Family Wellness Center has been built and has been a successful addition to the community, but the impact of the SVCF has gone on to assist various other donors. The foundation is now impacting our communities through the power of philanthropy in the form of grant support, the establishment of endowment funds, and supporting donors with their charitable goals. At SVCF, they meet with local donors and match them up with charities and organizations that they feel passionate about donating to. They streamline the donation process by providing a centralized location to donate funds or various assets to. A donation to the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation also gives you the ability to support multiple area organizations with a single donation.

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is run by a board of 10 members and coordinated by its Director, Andrea Nelson. The board is filled with vibrant individuals with various backgrounds. Here is what President Josh Lagein has to say about being a part of the foundation: “I am very honored to serve on the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation board because our group gets to work with donors who are passionate about doing amazing things in our community. We are excited about our new strategic plan and how we can use it to grow philanthropy. The work the foundation does allows donors to build a legacy and have confidence that their vision and wishes will always be met. The board is confident that by establishing great partnerships, we can impact our community now, for our kids, grandkids, and future generations to come.”

If you live in Barnes, Griggs, or Ransom County and are not familiar with the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation or their mission, you check out their website to learn more and find out how you can support your local community through their services.