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Lakeland Has You Covered

Lakeland Has You Covered

May 31, 2023

Flashback to last summer, I was in the first trimester of my second pregnancy and found myself frantically packing on a Friday after work with my husband and toddler for a stress-free Airbnb weekend at the lake. Naturally, we arrived only to realize we had forgotten a multitude of essentials…diapers, whole milk, beach towels, and sunscreen to name a few. Thankfully, only a few miles from where we were staying, we stumbled across a store that had everything we needed and more!

Fast forward to yesterday, I visited that same place with my coworker, Jim Bodensteiner, to do our Business of the Month drawing. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the business, Bob and Jenifer Schempp, a dynamic couple with excellent entrepreneurial skills and great enthusiasm for what they do. In 2017, they purchased the Lakeland General Store and they have worked to create what Accountant, Megan Koeck, referred to as “a tight knit group.” In my short visit, I could tell that they seemed fully staffed and that their employees seemed genuinely happy to be working and assisting customers, something that is increasingly hard to find in our post COVID-19 world.

The Lakeland General Store is truly your one stop shop in the lakes area. They are a full hardware store, bait and tackle shop, convenience store, dock & lift store, rental center, small engine repair shop, and laundromat. Attached to the store there is even a cozy restaurant called the Cornfield Cafe.

In addition to the general store, Bob and Jenifer also own Lakeland Dock & Lift. This store offers, as you can guess by the name, an assortment of luxurious docks and lift options as well as a variety of other products essential for lake life. They offer Big Green Egg grills, paddle boards, hunting blinds, life jackets, mattresses and pillows, clothing and more!

Next time you find yourself in the lakes area, I encourage you to stop by the Lakeland General Store, a place that is buzzing with energy all summer long and where the staff is ready to help you find anything you might need for your treasured time at the lake!