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Quality Animal Care without the Commute

Quality Animal Care without the Commute

September 27, 2022

Fourteen years ago, this fall, owners Dr. Carrie Swier-Galbreath and Dr. Ben Galbreath saw a need for quality veterinary services in the Edgeley area and decided to make it their mission to provide just that.  They took a former car dealership building and transformed it into their practice, called Edgeley Veterinary Service. They completed the renovations themselves in the evenings and weekends and over time grew it to be the flourishing business we see today. Since then, they have grown to include two additional locations, one in Oakes and one in Ellendale.

They are considered to be a full-service mixed animal veterinary clinic, meaning they offer care to both pets and livestock. At their clinics, they primarily see dogs, cats, cattle, and sheep and are passionate about helping people and their animals and developing long-term, trusting relationships with both you and your pets.

Something important to know about their business is that they operate two of only seven AAHA-Accredited Veterinary clinics in the entire state of ND. AAHA-Accredited clinics follow a rigorous set of standards and must pass inspections every 3-5 years. It is not required of them to uphold this standard but they choose to do so as they are committed to providing the best care possible to your animals. There are no other AAHA-Accredited clinics within 100 miles of their clinics.

If you live near Edgeley, Ellendale, or Oakes and are looking for quality care for your pets or livestock, look no further than one of the clinics owned by Dr. Carrie Swier-Galbreath and Dr. Ben Galbreath. They will do their best to make you and your pet feel welcome each and every time you walk in their doors.