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Is Your One Page Financial Plan in Place?

Is Your One Page Financial Plan in Place?

September 26, 2022

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" -- Benjamin Franklin

Having a plan is a crucial in striving towards your goals. Having something that you can reference will help you stay on track and be accountable. A financial plan doesn't have to be complex. The days of the 50 page financial plan have passed. Something simple to take a look at and more importantly, to update as things change, can be just as efficient. At times there may be other accompanying documents or we may have to dive deeper but having a simple, goal-oriented one page plan works well for most investors. Since we cannot change the past, our one page plan, also known as our Financial Snapshot, is meant to focus on looking forward along with the goals that are most important to you. We also list the tasks that each of us are responsible for (providing accountability for all involved) and any future topics to discuss.

If you do not yet have your one page plan in place, contact your advisor today to get started.

Click Here to See a Sample of Our Financial Snapshot