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Vibrant Valley City

Vibrant Valley City

December 22, 2022

Valley City may be a smaller community but it sure is a vibrant one with lots of big things happening. In order to make these things transpire, it takes a lot of planning and a lot of people and organizations working together. The City of Valley City is a vital part of this vibrancy. With 58 full time employees, 6 elected positions, 4 part-time employees, and 1 intern – making up a total of 13 departments – the City of Valley City is a complex operation.

The different departments are continuously working together to find ways to improve our community and keep Valley City running as best as possible. The city was recently awarded $2,630,633 through the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Urban Grant Program. These funds will be used for reconstruction of segments of 2nd Ave NW, 3rd St NW, and 4th St N in downtown Valley City. The scope of work for the project is anticipated to include street reconstruction, curb & gutter, sidewalks, ADA improvements, driveways, storm sewer, decorative lighting, benches/trash receptacles and landscaping. Water main and sanitary sewer improvements are also planned in conjunction with this project. The City also anticipates additional funding through the North Dakota Department of Water Resources for the replacement of the water main. Funding is currently programmed for 2024 with construction planned for 2024 or 2025. The work planned with this project is consistent with the City of Valley City’s goal of attracting people and businesses downtown by revitalizing the core business district, while also creating a more walkable community.

One of the challenges faced by the City of Valley City, not uncommon to other cities and businesses, is communication with the public. They have been working on expanding their social media presence and can currently be found posting updates online to Facebook, Instagram, and their website. The City also shares communications through the local newspaper and radio stations, is working on a mass texting system, and continues to look for new ways to get the word out to the community in hopes to reach as many residents as possible.

Valley City is a unique community with many amenities of a big city and yet still embodies that desirable comfort and security of small-town living. You can rest assured that the team at the City of Valley City will continue to work toward enhancing the community and making Valley City the best it can be!